Tips for repairing the bathroom: repairing a small bathroom

We proceed to repair the bathrooms. Bathroom – a place where a person can relax, lose the accumulated fatigue, refresh yourself before a busy day. Therefore, planning the design and repair of the bathroom is as necessary as the living room or kitchen. Our material will give you advice on repairing the bathroom.

Tips for repairing the bathroom: repairing a small bathroom

The main difficulty in repairing a bathroom is that in many houses the area of ​​the bathroom does not exceed 4-5 square meters. m. With the help of properly selected colors and shades, you can visually expand the space. The main thing is to determine exactly how you want to see the future interior.

Tips for repairing bathrooms

  • To make the ceiling “higher” for its decor, you need to choose a lighter tone than for finishing the walls of the bathroom. In the event that the walls are light enough, prefer a white ceiling finish.
  • Do not be afraid of saturated tones. Dark cold color gives space depth and saturation. For finishing the bathroom, modern designers offer many collections of ceramic tiles with the use of blue and dark blue.
  • If you want to create a “warm” bathroom, in a small room it is better to use pastel colors, and bright accents to arrange with accessories. This method will preserve the feeling of sufficient space as a result of repairing the bathroom.
  • Do not choose to trim the bathroom saturated red or brown tones – like colors visually reduce the space of the room. Also, the interior is heavier with sparkling objects and a large figure. But the transparent materials and light colors in front of the room add room “air”.
  • If you have chosen a mosaic finish, be sure to pay attention to the color scheme of the bathroom. Bright mosaic may like you on the shelf in the store, but think about whether you can relax and relax in the “motley” bathroom at home.

And some more tips on “increasing” the bathroom

  • When choosing a tile to repair the bathroom, be sure to pay attention to its size. Large tiles (regardless of their color) visually narrow the space. The optimal solution for a small bathroom is a tile with a size of about 20 × 30 centimeters.
  • Very important is the location of rectangular ceramic tiles. Vertical placement of tiles slightly “lift” the room, and the horizontal – “reduce” and slightly “pull out”.
  • Visually expand the room laying the floor tiles diagonally.
  • Finally, do not forget about the possibilities of mirror interiors – the use of mirrors will certainly help you to “enlarge” the bathroom, while providing it with elegant decorativeness.