Cool Bathroom Ideas Décor Tips

Laurent. Bathroom. October 15th , 2017.

On their online search, the owners had seen some glass spheres with plants inside hung on walls, and they loved the look. ‘We bought some glass orbs and vases on Etsy, and set to work, deciding on exactly where to position them on the wall, cutting pieces of paper to the size of each vessel and taking our time as we stuck these to the wall to see where they looked best,’ say the crafty pair. ‘Once we’d got them in a position that we felt was just right, we fixed the vases to the wall and filled them with plants and flowers from the garden.’

Make space beneath the eaves, compact fittings are a big help in awkward-shaped loft spaces. Don’t worry about trying to fit a bath – go for a luxurious glass shower enclosure instead. It’s common with loft conversions and attics to box in parts of the room that have a reduced ceiling height for storage. But instead, why not look at ways to work around the reduced heights? A toilet or basin is a smart idea.

The couple decided to live with the bathroom for a while to give them time to think of all the different ways to change the space. ‘We realised it would be crazy to spend thousands of pounds ripping it all out,’ they say. ‘The basics were fine and we were sure it could be revamped beautifully.’ Poring over websites for hours, the couple fell in love with the industrial feel of white brick tiles with grey grout. As they already had white tiles, the DIY duo got stuck into scraping out the old grout. ‘We found matching tiles to cover the bath panel, which made the room look sleeker and less “country”,’ they say. ‘And once the new grey grout was done, the room looked so smart.’

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