10 errors when repairing the bathroom

Repair in an apartment is a troublesome business. Sometimes, in the process of transforming our home, it seems to us that everything is going well, and when we begin to settle in a new nest, it turns out that there is a mistake, there is a shortcoming, here – they have not thought of something. We have prepared for you a list of 10 errors that can be tolerated when repairing the bathroom. Take it as answers to questions before the exam.

Absence of outlets

Folk wisdom says: there are not many outlets. There are times when people forget about rosettes in the bathroom, do little (only for a washing machine) or just think that they do not need them, and then they ask themselves how to dry their hair with a hairdryer, shave with an electric shaver or where to charge an electric toothbrush? That such questions did not arise, make at least two sockets.
Unprotected outlets

Sockets in the bathroom must necessarily be protected from moisture (with a cover that covers the connectors

Incorrect bathroom installation

When installing the bath, please specify if it has a slope. Plumbing pipes should go to the drain under a slight slope. If you do not think about it in time, it may happen that the water will go bad and an unpleasant smell of musty water will spread in the bathroom.
Incorrectly communicated communications

My girlfriend and her husband just finished repairs in the bathroom, and it turned out that the heated towel heater does not heat up. And all because he was placed higher than the pipes for water distribution. As a result, the pressure is not enough, and hot water does not rise to the heated towel rail. Conclusion: you need to very clearly control the plumbing work, especially those that will disappear in the end (they are most difficult to change).

Absence of forced drawing

Absence of forced drawing

This item is relevant for both the bathroom and the toilet. Unfortunately, in old houses, sound insulation and hood leave much to be desired. Take care to immediately install a forced draft, which begins to work when you turn on the light (for the toilet) or when you press the button (for the bathroom). The hood in the bathroom will help the room “cool down” faster and be ventilated.
Wrong sizes

This item refers to the size of anything: a shower, a door (it can be so narrow that the washing machine does not pass), equipment. Hostess odnushki in Marino complains of an independent redevelopment:

We did the redevelopment of the bathrooms, and, unfortunately, did not take into account the size of the washing machine when building the walls in the bathroom. Due to the fact that there is not enough space, the machine sticks out. Of course, it was possible to take quite “baby”, but we did not dare: it is better to wash once instead of three.

Little light

In addition to ceiling lighting, the bathroom needs local light sources, at least near the mirror. Choose warm lighting: first, it flatters the exterior, and secondly, it seems that the bathroom is warmer than it really is. And, of course, for reasons of comfort.

Little light

Slippery floor

Bathroom – it’s quite traumatic place: you can fall in the bath itself, and on the smooth wet floor. Or you should not choose a glossy surface for flooring, or if your heart is unevenly breathing to a smooth porcelain stoneware, lay a soft mat on top of it, which will help you stand firmly on your feet.

Few storage locations

Very often, when making repairs, we are guided by the thought: “Oh, how beautiful it will be!” And completely forget that you need somewhere to store shampoos, creams, towels, household chemicals and anything else! It is worthwhile to think about organization of storage areas in advance. First, you can choose some furniture (for example, a sink) already with built-in boxes, and secondly, after the repair is completed, you will not be expected to have a place to hang a hairdryer or nowhere to put spare shower gels. In detail about the storage systems in the bathroom we wrote here.

Unsuitable shower cabin

This is a story from my personal practice. A year ago we decided to change one shower cabin to another. The dad was chosen by the dad (he is not a thin man), and he did not think at all that the doors of the rectangular cockpit should open in the middle, since in our small bathroom there is a sink on one side and a washing machine on the other. He also bought a cabin, the door of which opens on the side and shifts completely to the other half. As a result, the pope barely squeezes into the gap between the sink and the shower door. Well, who is to blame?

Quarterly blogging wishes you that your repairs deliver you only joy and do not bring hassle! And in extreme cases, like in school, you can do the work on the mistakes, and get a top five.