Repair of a bathroom and a bathroom

It is not difficult to guess that the repair in the bathroom has, in comparison with the works in other rooms of your house or apartment, many features.
When repairing, for example, a room can be and wait for a while, “surviving” this inconvenience in another room, but the bathroom, toilet or a combined bathroom – the room is indispensable, and when discussing the cost of repair work with the contractor, be sure to make sure , that the repair of the bathroom “turnkey” will be made as soon as possible and of proper quality.

Repair of a bathroom and a bathroom

What includes the overhaul of the bathroom:

  1. Dismantling of the sanitary bath or partitions of the bath.
  2. Construction of new partitions of the bathroom.
  3. Transfer or welding of water risers is desirable! through overlapping.
  4. Wiring (remove water and sewer pipes in the wall) of the bathroom.
  5. Aligning the walls and the floor of the bathroom + compulsory waterproofing.
  6. Wall and floor lining with ceramic tiles or other material.
  7. Installation of cabins with lining.
  8. Electrical work.
  9. Installation of appliances in the bathroom.
  10. Installation of a false ceiling with the built in fixtures.
  11. Installation of doors in the bathroom.
  12. Installation of accessories on the walls of the bathroom.

When repairing a bath or toilet, other types of work are very often added: filters, radiators or warm floors, bathroom furniture, mirrors, curtains and much more.

The cost of repairing a bathroom depends on many parameters:

  • bathroom area
  • separate or shared bathroom
  • with the redevelopment of the bathroom or without re-planning
  • type of house (brick, panel, monolith)
  • with the breakdown of the plumbing or without breaking the plumbing
  • with or without water supply risers
  • tile laying scheme
  • curvatures of walls

The approximate price for renovating the bathroom can be discussed in a telephone conversation.
If preliminary negotiations suit you, the master visits the site, produces the most accurate measurements of the bathroom, listens to your wishes and the interior presentation, together with you approve an approximate design project (during the process of work may vary), while taking into account the technical parameters relating to the interior and finishing. On the e-mail sends you an estimate, where the exact cost of services is calculated, it is your bathroom.

You decided to make repairs in the bathroom – its price will depend on the complexity of the repair.
The master will compile and discuss with you a very detailed estimate. (year 2013)*.

Our master plumbers, tilers and electricians are ready to make a turnkey bathroom repair, be it a large bathroom in an elite house, a small bathroom in a standard nine-story house or “Khrushchevka”.