Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom renovation is a very important moment, how to do in the bathroom renovation to the room seemed more spacious and comfortable? Bolder use our guidelines and design elements that will help significantly increase the space a small bathroom!


Executing the renovation of bathrooms small in size, do not use ceramic tiles in dark colors and wide borders with large elements. Choose only the bright and pure tones. There are simple techniques, visually increase the room height and width.

If the tile stick along the vertical visual bath room will seem higher. The height of the room will visually increase if borders design placed vertically.


If ceramic tile to place in width, the room will seem more spacious. The horizontal arrangement of the borders – the room will look wider.


Especially decorate and make a small room more spacious so popular these days ceramic mosaic, which has a huge number of colors and shades. It can be used for the entire premises and for the individual elements.

The ceiling

Carefully think about the ceiling, its design, color and material of which it is made. Better to think about it at the initial stage of the bathroom renovation. A great option is the mirrored ceiling. It can be made of moisture-resistant panels or square plates and spotlights, which will create the effect of expanding space.


Really look great suspended ceilings of frosted plastic or glass with photo printing with internal illumination creating the effect of expanding space.

It is highly advisable to use stretch ceilings made of PVC, which have a huge range of colors and can be Matt and glossy. They will allow You to implement any creative ideas and imagination.


The biggest effect will create a glossy ceiling, which will help to increase the height of the bath and visually expand the common space. In combination with other properly selected materials and the required color after repairing the bathroom, the room will look elegant and spacious.



Think in advance about equipment. It is possible to save much space, if you apply the plumbing of certain sizes and models. Good effect gives the use of a suspended toilet, sink, bidet and bathroom furniture. Great for repairs – the use of angular plumbing, which will save the Central part of the space.




Corner baths, showers, furniture, toilets and sinks perfectly fit into any interior. Furniture for bathroom, custom made for a specific bathroom interior, will help to hide all the communication (pipes, wires, etc.)

Currently, small room size, bathrooms very popular compact plumbing of the type “two in one”.


Instead of a bath is better to use showers or shower enclosures with clear glass that do not close the space.

What if tub is the top priority, but the floor area of the bathroom is very small?

In this case perfect mini bath, which with its small size, have sufficient depth. This bath can be used as a deep shower tray. To protect the room from water spray, you can apply the curtain rod for bathtub with shower curtain.


A great option – system plumbing installations for bathrooms, which can be hidden in niches and recesses. Plumbing installations is modern style, quiet operation plumbing and ease of cleaning. Currently they are widely used in bathrooms, but need to take care of selecting a plumbing installation for a toilet bowl or a bidet and installing it in the right place.

It is advisable to apply a very simple, but very functional idea , when the maximum used space, for example under the bath or between the toilet and the wall.

Be sure to see other original photos in our recommendations how is better to place the washing machine in the bathroomthat will help You to find the best option.

The Wallpaper in the bathroom

To visually enlarge the space of the bathroom a bolder use of the original Wallpapers that will make her elegant and truly unique.

Particularly impressive and unusual in the bathroom look Wallpapers in 3D performance. Modern technology with high print resolution, allow Wallpapers in 3D not only for walls but also for floors. There is no limitation of imagination, most importantly, your ideas and desire. Be original 3D Wallpaper your bathroom will be appreciated by family and friends.

“About” window

Very well, if the bathroom has a window, but the most ideal option if you have multiple large Windows or stained glass.

The best option is the South side of the house or apartment. In autumn and winter days sunlight, your bathroom will become a real center of relaxation, energize you and create a lot of positive emotions.

But what if the bathroom has no Windows at all?

If the bathroom has no Windows, still at the design stage, consider the options “about” window. They will create in a small room, a kind of comfort. Imitation is supposed to look more realistic and it is simply necessary to apply additional decorative elements (curtains, frames, glazing). This simple technique can visually expand the space and to compensate for the effect of isolation.

Ideal if false the window will be backlit and beautiful design, for example of nature. Let’s see how impressive look three-dimensional photo Wallpaper with high resolution print with illumination in two planes.

A cupboard or niche, in which there are communications, too, better to close with “about” window, or horizontal blinds.

Another interesting solution is the use of stained glass.

Usually they are mounted in small niches and with proper lighting will create a feeling of release to another, magical world. If space allows, no harm may be an option with the wall or window of glass blocks with lights. They can function as partitions in other areas, such as a toilet or bedroom.


Bathroom renovation can be done without additional cost and rework. Try to foresee where you will set the mirror and the withdrawal of electric cables for the lamps and sockets. Correctly applying optical reflection, you can achieve a stunning effect of increasing the depth and space of the room several times.

It is best to use mirrors of a large size. You can use multiple mirrors, but you can’t overdo it and think how appropriate will be the effect of multiple reflections. Mirrors are ideal shelves of transparent glass, which occlude the space will look more stylish and elegant. Pre-take care of proper lighting and mirrors.


Executing the renovation of bathrooms, we need to thoughtfully relate to the lighting, It plays a huge role in increasing the visual space of any room in the house and especially the bathroom. Best to use “daylight” light bulbs which can be warm and cool light.

What color best fit will depend on plan design.It could be fluorescent lamps and lamps with economy option, which is currently in great demand. There may be other very original options for bathroom lighting, which will make it unusual and exclusive.

Great effect to highlight the details and especially the mirrors create tape led lighting represents a good opportunity to implement any ideas. Perfect and classic sconces that will match the overall design of the room bath.

If possible, try to foresee a combination of lighting options. With the bright light of the bathroom may look festive, creating a great mood in the morning. The dim light in the evening will help guests to relax, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, for example, when taking hot tubs.

We are absolutely sure that You correctly and quickly make repairs to your bathroom. Good luck!

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